Friday, March 12, 2010

In Which We Make 'Chicken A La Niki'

Zoey smashes the crackers to smithereens. It's so easy she can do it with her eyes closed!

But then the bag bursts so we have to use a bowl. The double wooden-spoon-and-pestle technique seems to work well.

Behold! Everything looks good!

Demetri, AKA The Taste Tester, cuts into the Chicken A La Niki . . .

He brings it towards his mouth . . .

And tries it!

And we have THE THUMBS UP! Culinary victory is ours!!!

Zoey then gives the often coveted and rarely seen 'Dude-this-stuff-is-wicked-awesome' finger point/thumbs up.

Ah yes, another successful meal thanks to The Flaming Toaster.


  1. SUCCESS!!!! I'm so proud you were able to make a recipe out of a beginning cookbook for teens. ; ) Hee hee. So it really did turn out well? Now I'm hungry again...

  2. And Zoey ate it? I still have yet to get Charlotte (aka the world's pickiest eater, possibly with the exception of Carla's sweet little one) to try more than a bite of it. I would have LOVED this when I was a kid, so I'm still holding out hope of converting Miss Picky.

  3. UM . .. it was YOUR RECIPE Ms. Mocker-McMocky-Pants. Yes, I can cook as well as a teen. :P

  4. LOVE THE POST!!!!!! That last picture says it all.... The crumbs around Zozo's mouth are a nice touch in the last picture. Demetri is such a good sport. Man, Andrew and I haven't made Chicken a la Niki in a long time.... He totally stole that recipe during law school and told his family that it was called Chicken a la Andrew. Ha!