Saturday, March 6, 2010

Homemade Press-Pot Cafe Au Lait

Starbucks calls them Mistos. Most everyone else calls them Au Laits. They're half coffee and half steamed milk, and I love them. The steamed milk is sweet enough so you don't have to add sugar, and if you use non-fat milk, they're pretty healthy! (Since I got pregnant, I've been making them with decaf coffee.)

To make this warm and tasty pick-me-up, you will need:
- Ground coffee (or you can use whole beans if you want to grind them yourself)
- Milk (I use non-fat, but you can use what you want)
- A way to boil water (we have an electric kettle that works beautifully)
- A small press pot
- A 700w microwave
- A mug
- A spoon (any old one will do)
(Don't you all love how thorough I'm being? I get so frustrated when recipes leave out important details!)

This recipe makes one large mug of warm and cozy tastiness.

Start the water heating.
Put one spoon of coffee in the small press pot.
Fill a big mug halfway with milk.
When the water is close to boiling (the sound gets lower) fill the press pot halfway, give it a stir, and put the top on.
Put the mug in the microwave and heat it for approximately 2.5 minutes.
When the microwave is done, press the coffee and pour into the mug.

Keep away from baby and enjoy!

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