Saturday, April 3, 2010

Charlotte and her Granny Great tackle Chicken a la Niki

Tonight, Charlotte and her Great Grandmother Kappy (aka "Granny Great") were my sous chefs while I made Chicken a la Niki. Yes, I made it the way Corey likes it -- with saltines. I also went a little wild and added some garlic powder to the breading. Even though Charlotte helped me add it and went a little crazy, I really couldn't taste it. Verdict - don't bother with it. The seasoned salt and Italian seasoning are much more important.

Here are Charlotte (wearing a teal tutu given to her from her buddy, Alicia) and her Granny Great helping me smash the saltines:

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  1. Wait . . . I wanna see the tutu!!! And I have also decided that I now want to be called Mommy Great. That is one GREAT title! ;)